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Chirag Gokani, bass

Thanks to Cole Gerthoffer and Zuyva Sevilla for the picture.

Decomposing an analog signal as a Fourier series reveals an infinite sum of constituent sine waves; decomposing the music of Chirag Gokani reveals an infinite sum of musical influences. Indeed, the Dallas-area electric bassist is equally at home in jazz, blues, R&B, country, Hindustani, and world settings. Chirag is frequently found playing with bands of diverse styles around Dallas and can be heard as a featured artist or sideman on five studio albums. He has shared the stage with the likes of Jim Suhler, Steve Miller, Joel Foy, Tony Baker, Gerard Bendiks, Chris Borin, Kelly Durbin, Steve Barnes, and Austin Zhang.

Chirag pursues his interest in astronomy and physics as a Eugene McDermott Scholar at the University of Texas at Dallas. In his free time, he handcrafts wind chimes and chime trees to benefit the North Texas Food Bank.

To learn more about Chirag and his activities, please visit his website.

Isaac Byrd, keyboards

Isaac Byrd is a pianist, keyboardist, and composer from Plano, Texas. He currently studies jazz as a freshman at the University of Texas at Arlington. He has received awards such as the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award, the Quincy Jones Music Award, and the Essentially Ellington Certificate of Merit. He has performed at the Jazz Education Network (JEN) and was the Vice President of his JEN chapter in 2017 and 2018. He has played with Stockton Helbing, Bobby Watson, Richard Derosa, and Lynn Seaton.

Mike Camerata, percussion

Mike recording with us at Audio Dallas in October 2018.

Mike Camerata, a graduate from UNT Music & Business schools, has been playing all sorts of percussion since elementary school. Mike plays with a variety of bands in the North Texas area and also teaches many of the percussion students at St. Mark's School of Texas in Dallas.

Colman Burks, drums

Colman Burks is 17 years old and plays drum set in the Plano West Senior High School Jazz Orchestra as well as the Plano West Jazz Combo (funded by the Herbie Hancock Jazz Institute). He currently plays with multiple groups including The Jazz Heads, Addis, Maybe no Moons, and NVMND. Colman studied classical piano during elementary school and joined beginning percussion in sixth grade. Always intrigued and interested in the drum set, he got one for Christmas and never looked back. Inspired by his cousin Stanton Moore as well as mentor Stockton Helbing he began to explore funk and jazz styles.

To learn more about Colman, please visit his website.