Solid-Bar Wind Chimes

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2000-7000 Hz

Solid-bar wind chimes are the highest-pitch and lightest-weight chimes I make. They ring freely in gentle breezes and produce an unobtrusive, ambient sound that offers the same harmonic span as larger chimes (with more timbral richness). Please see my latest project involving solid-bar wind chimes here.

In this video, you hear the combined sound of four solid-bar C-pentatonic wind chimes on a porch in Arroyo Seco, New Mexico.

Chirag's wind chimes hang outside on my balcony and make me grateful every time there's a breeze--they are lovely to listen to, with a gentle and clear sound, and I have received compliments from numerous neighbors looking for a set. I keep them next to my hammock on the balcony and it is truly a peaceful happy place to sit!


In addition to being aesthetically and musically beautiful, my chimes are really durable! They are built to last and I cannot recommend enough!


People love the chimes!